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Residential, commercial and industrial parking maintenance - Québec

We offer maintenance services for residential parking lots (condos), apartments, shopping centers, places of business, public buildings, government offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, etc. HK Cleaning, a professional in commercial cleaning, offers a cleaning service for parking spaces performed by an experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our technicians will clean everything to restore your space to its original glory. We master and use the technique of hot water high-pressure cleaning. We also have a high-flow surface cleaner to reach inaccessible areas. We strongly recommend that this cleaning be done more than once a year.

  • Deep cleaning of the concrete
  • Dusting
  • Asphalt cleaning
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Industrial strength high-pressure cleaning at 5000 PSI to remove any rust, stains, and dirt. Your concrete will look like new!
  • Application of our unique patented water-repellent treatment to reduce your maintenance costs, insulate against water and frost, increase durability, and preserve the original condition.
Residential, commercial and industrial parking maintenance - Quebec

Indoor parking lots are environments where dust and debris can accumulate, especially following the winter months. Opt for high-pressure cleaning for your indoor parking lots for a clean and healthy space free of dirt.

Our company offers high-pressure cleaning services for indoor parking lots and garages on concrete and stone surfaces.

This type of cleaning is done in 3 steps:

  1. Eliminate dust with high-performance mechanical brooms.
  2. Clean the floor with a high-pressure jet to dislodge the encrusted dirt.
  3. Vacuum the residues with wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

Among other things, we recommend the high-pressure cleaning service for condominiums: entrance and parking lot, exterior condo.

Floor maintenance and waxing

Due to constant heavy traffic, the floors of business premises are put to the test daily. Mopping and washing with soapy water is insufficient to keep your floors clean and shiny.

Every business has different needs when it comes to floor maintenance. That's why Nettoyage HK offers several treatments to meet everyone's needs.

Residential, commercial and industrial parking maintenance - Quebec

Stripping, Cleaning, Grinding, and Polishing

Regular waxing of vinyl floors can significantly extend their life.

Our equipment lets our maintenance teams strip, wax, and polish your floors. Waxing will bring out the beauty of the floor and facilitate its maintenance.

Intense traffic on a beautiful floor generates large amounts of dirt and can lead, in the long run, to its deterioration. It is, therefore, essential to call on competent professionals to give your floor a new lease on life.

Be aware that wax accumulation, deep scratches, wear, and abrasions act like magnets and attract more dirt.

It is also better to use a mop, rather than a broom, to clean a smooth floor. A broom will raise dust that will be deposited on furniture, keyboards, and computer screens and breathed in by the employees. To avoid dust-carrying bacteria through your premises, call a professional!

In an ecological and responsible approach, we use only natural detergents for an even healthier work environment.

Stripping service

As we all know, vinyl and linoleum floors are generally durable and resistant. Nevertheless, they must be adequately maintained and protected to preserve their glossy appearance.

Nettoyage HK can help you maintain the quality of your vinyl and linoleum floors.

Residential, commercial and industrial parking maintenance - Quebec

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